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Our First Blog Entry

Sept 20, 2018

At AEMTS, we believe that sharing knowledge is a valuable tool to our staff, students and members of the public. We will be adding different articles or documents we may find to be helpful in everyday practices of emergency medicine and its allied health staff.

Bone Blood Loss

Oct 26, 2018

Do you know how much blood can be lost during a trauma depending on which bones are broken? Check out this diagram!

Enough is enough: 5 ways to end bullying in fire and EMS

We need to do more to improve the care and compassion we show to our fire and EMS brethren

Nov 15, 2018

As we get ready to accept newly hired Paramedics in our system in NB; It's time to look at what type of system we want them to experience and what type of relationship we should foster between two inter-related professions/departments... It seems sometimes we are eager to eat our young...

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Photo credit: Paramedic Jessy Brady