Public Courses

Our courses are designed to help students learn the basic life saving skills required in a multitude of different situations. Our muscle memory training ensures our clients get the most out of their training.

Our company can typically modify our course hours and days to meet most of our client needs. We can also arrange to provide clients with courses at work sites depending on the logistics of the environment and the type pf course being offered.

If you are unsure what course you should take or are required to have for licensing or work requirements please contact us and we will ensure you are enrolled in the proper training.

First Aid Courses/CPR/AED

Browse our courses below, we do use different Training Providers such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada or the Canadian Red Cross for our Human Courses. If you are booking a course and have a preference, please let us know.

Emergency First Aid Course

This is an 8-hour course focusing on life saving skills such as CPR/AED and life saving first aid skills. CPR levels can be changed to meet client population. This course can be recertified within 3 years of the original course date.

Standard First Aid Course

This is a 16-hour comprehensive course building on Emergency First Aid/CPR/AED and includes multiple additional topics and skills and meets Provincial WSFA requirements. This course can be recertified within 3 years of the original course date. 

CPR/AED Course

This is a 4-hour course dedicated to CPR/AED and the life saving skills associated with choking. CPR levels can be modified in this course to meet participant requirements. This is not recommended for individuals looking to learn more than the above mentioned skills. Certification can be renewed within 3 years of the date of issue, except CPR Level A.

Marine Basic First Aid

A 16-hour course designed to meet the needs of those expected to provide first aid in a marine environment.

*No CDN number is required for this course

3-year certification in Marine Basic First Aid and CPR Level A and AED.

No recertification of this course is available due to Transport Canada Guidelines.

This course meets the requirements of Transport Canada outlined in

Transport Publication (TP) 13008 E.

Pet First Aid

This course teaches first aid techniques to address the most common emergencies that can occur with cats and dogs. In our course we have Casper the CPR dog for which we teach our students pet CPR. We also bring in a real dog to use for demonstration and bandaging purposes. Our dog is friendly and vet checked to ensure she is healthy. You will also learn essential pre-vet care and life saving techniques for those times when immediate action can make all the difference.

Stop The Bleed

This course teaches the fundamental principles to stop bleeding. It is designed and meant to be taught to the lay person to the professional responder. 

We believe in this course so much, that it is offered free to all participants.

Quotes and Pricing

Please note that all our courses are competetively priced, and we will provide any prospective client with a formal quote on request including HST.  Contact us for your quote today.

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