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Who we are?

We are a company that strive to provide training to every individual who wants to learn more about life saving skills for their own personal knowledge to the highly trained professional using the latest technology and research. Anyone can become an everyday hero. Offering everything from CPR to Medical Simulation and in between; for every family member including our cherished pets. 

Our Team

Meet the Team at the Heart of the Company 

James French MD

Medical Director and Co-Owner

Dr. French is a passionate and true EMS physician having worked in the UK along side first responders prior to immigrating to Canada 5 years ago. He is a highly motivated and passionate person when it comes to blazing the trail along side with George in changing how we are providing training. Believing in real time training with real equipment which helps assists in developing the highest quality training programs for our company. As our Medical Director he gives our Paramedic team a direct link to a physician along with our various contractors that request our services. Dr. French is an Emergency physician at the only Level 1 Trauma Center in NB bringing lots of experience and up to date research to his practice and our company. 

George Scott CCP

Co-Owner & General Manager

George is a co-owner of AEMTS and has both over 12 years of Paramedic experience as well as a Fire Fighting background. He has been teaching for his entire Paramedic career or longer. Pairing up with Dr. French, George also believes in providing high quality training and equipment to ensure our learners develop muscle memory - essentially by performing real time simulation during our courses to ensure that our learners truly are ready to respond to emergencies no matter the situation presented to them. 

George is also a believer in life long learning, as he recently completed his Critical Care Paramedic designation. He is always pushing himself to learn to stay current. His passion for learning and education come through in every course he teaches. 

Amanda Paisley 



Amanda is a member of our team and largely participates as an instructor. With over 12 years of critical care nursing experience and 10 years of Paramedic experience she brings lots of realism to her courses. Also believing in the muscle memory theory of education she is also able to provide students with a great learning experience.

Jaime Tracey 



Jaime is a member of our team and participates as an instructor. Since graduating from nursing school Jaime's work has primarily been in Emergency Nursing. As an instructor Jaime shares in the more practice is better as a hands-on learner herself. Currently, she is finishing her master’s degree in Nursing with her stream of interest being a Nurse Practitioner. Jaime is a wonderful instructor and easily makes learning fun.


At AEMTS we have multiple instructors that come and join us from time to time to help us deliver all of our courses. So do not be surprised if you don't recognize their face. Our one commonality is delivering all our courses the same way.