Services offered by AEMTS

We currently offer two streams of services to our clients. We offer rescue & industrial safety services as well as training. At AEMTS we truly are a one-stop shop for all your training and paramedic service needs and a link to safety services. Please check back often as we will be adding a store to our page as we are a distributor for AED's and other medical equipment.

Medical Direction

Our Medical Director oversees all our courses and paramedic services offering our clients both the peace of mind of a physician being a phone call away and highly trained staff practicing to their full scope of practice. Our physician is highly knowledgeable and provides our staff with the most up to date research to help shift Paramedic practice to keep us at the top of our game. Our physician also can provide services to industry such a medical exams and emergency coverage 24 hours a day/ 365 day a year.

Paramedic Services

Our paramedics provide top notch care for any company that requires on site medical care for their personnel. Fully equipped with the best up to date equipment, knowledge and training we can provide various levels of care for any industrial, recreational or any event that you may require medical care. 

Rescue & Industrial Safety

If you are looking for a safety related course or service, you have found the right company. We work with a Registered Safety professional, to ensure our courses met industry standard. 

We now offer FIT TESTING! Using state of the art technology we can fit test for N95, SCBA, Half or Full face masks. 

Contact us today for special pricing. 

Nursing Services

Our company is also proud to offer both the services of registered nurses trained in Trauma care as well as the services of a Nurse Practionner for your industrial/events that may require these specialized team members.